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Anvizent Manufacturing Analytics

Gain real-time visibility and insights into your entire manufacturing operations. Leverage 100+ fully functional manufacturing dashboards to track progress, spot trends, identify issues, and take timely action.

Gain a 360-Degree View of your


Operations in Real-Time


Anvizent Manufacturing Analytics drives proactive business performance management by providing instant visibility into the performance of manufacturing operations. With 100+ fully functional manufacturing dashboards, decision makers have access to the information that matters to them in a format that is meaningful and actionable.

Track Progress

Get at-a-glance views of what’s happening across your entire operations. Monitor sales performance, keep up with inventory levels, determine shop floor productivity, and understand cash flows, all in one place.

Analyze Performance

Quickly drill-down into dashboards to gain deeper insights into various aspects of performance. Uncover trends, identify bottlenecks, and find their root causes.

Take Action

Make informed decision and take timely action to keep performance on track. Drive better results.

Key Features

100+ Fully Functional Manufacturing Dashboards

Get on-demand visibility into business performance with 100+ fully functional manufacturing dashboards covering all key manufacturing functions.

Pre-Built Data Sets

Create ad-hoc dashboards using wide range of pre-built data sets across multiple functions.

Drill-Down and Drill-Through

Drill down and drill across dashboards to see information that matters to you in greater detail.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to identify predictive measures and optimize business forecasts and outcome.

Mobile Access

Track and manage your KPIs on a rich, real-time visual dashboard anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Key Benefits

Gain visibility into your manufacturing performance from day one

Eliminate risk of KPI/dashboard design and development failures

Get one-click access to all your important KPIs

Analyze KPIs at a granular level with a simple point and click

Instantly share dashboards and collaborate across the organization.

Achieve quick ‘Time-to-Value’ - instant access, easy customization, and flexibility to analyze data from multiple perspectives without overloading IT

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