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Raj Koneru


Raj is an experienced technologist with three decades of experience in the data management industry. He is a proven thought leader in the Business Intelligence (BI) space and has been at the forefront of driving business innovation through data and analytics. During his career, Raj has been involved in some of the most innovative and complex Data Warehousing, BI and Analytics projects. Leveraging this wealth of experience and knowledge, he has incubated and taken several industry-based products to market successfully.

Raj has also served as a technical and business consultant for numerous blue-chip companies during his career. He holds a Bachelor degree in Communications Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Science. Raj has completed research in advanced algorithms and artificial neural networks.


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Laki Ponnam

Vice President,

Global Sales and Strategic Alliances

Laki is a dynamic business development executive with seventeen years of experience in IT industry specialized in global software solutions. Laki has deep understanding and knowledge of the global IT industry with a successful track record in delivering products, services, and business solutions to customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Laki's strong experience spans key functions such as corporate business development, customer relationship management, building strategic alliances, and partner ecosystem, deploying business solutions, and complex process engineering.

Laki has significant experience in working with customers and partners across multiple continents. He has built and scaled multiple organizations from scratch and has also successfully launched several new products in the global market. Laki is a natural sales leader with a proven record of building and mentoring high performing sales teams around the world. He brings the unique experience of driving business value for customers by creating high benchmarks and consistent methodologies for global sales and channel partner networks.


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Art Gabbard

SVP, Global Manufacturing

Art is an accomplished manufacturing industry veteran who has been delivering best-in-class Business Analytics & ERP Systems around the globe for the past 30 years. He is a hands-on technology leader with a strong passion for applying IT to drive business transformation. During his successful leadership career at major manufacturing companies, he has led initiatives across a wide range of areas such as Sales & Operations Planning, Master Production Scheduling, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Warehouse Management, Lean Manufacturing, and Financial Reporting.

Art brings a unique combination of technology, business, and manufacturing operations experience. This gives him a 360-degree perspective of the complex manufacturing industry, enabling him to successfully align technology requirements with operations and business goals.

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